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Country Riser Zandi Holup's Debut Single "Gas Station Flowers" Is A Gut Wrenching Look At Love

"I did not choose the song, the song chose me," Zandi Holup told All Country News.

In a genre that is craving interesting and universal stories from a woman's POV, new Big Loud artist Zandi Holup sets the bar pretty damn high.

Brayln Kelly

It doesn't take more than a few notes to realize that Zandi Holup is the artist that the genre has so desperately been needing. Growing up in a musical family and finding her voice in musical theatre and a push from her music teacher, the introspective songstress offers up an aria of emotion in Gas Station Flowers.

With a hypnotizing vocals, Zandi narrates a less than perfect love. Diving deep into her own insecurities and grappling with the fact that she is getting less than she deserves. Zandi's raw emotion is truly striking.

I’ll take you drunk

I’ll take you stoned

I’ll take you back long as you come home

I’d rather go through hell than let you go

Cause those gas station flowers are better than being alone

The idea for the song was brought into the room by Zandi and brought to life along side Stefanie Joycea nd Bryan Alexander. In just over four minutes, the song acutely details every image of her lover and feels like it is ripped right out of a journal. From Lucky Strikes to a 16 ounce can of Highlife. Zandi clings to her lover holding out hope for some 3.99 carnations.

"I really value what the people that listen to my music think of the song. All of the fans and supporters online really showed interest in the song, and spoke that they really wanted the track. As much as I make music for myself, I think the longer I've been doing it the more I actually enjoy making it for the people listening. That is why I wanted this to be my first release.

Striking a universal cord and seeped in emotion, the song tethers itself to anybody who has ever felt that they have been stuck and treated less than. Gas Station Flowers is a must need song for this generation of country music fans.


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