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Country's Jacob Morris's Hustle & Heart Prove He Is The Artist that Can Break Through The Noise

Arizona native Jacob Morris is putting in the music and reaping the reward. For Jacob, country music doesn't just mean you are from the south, its the story you can tell and how they fit into your life.

"Growing up music was ingrained in my everyday life," Jacob told All Country News. "My mom sang at our local church. Plus, everyday she would drive me to school, we would listen to everything from Rascal Flatts to Montgomery Gentry."

It is those strong early influences that Jacob now applies to his own music. After picking up a guitar in high school and first learning to play Fire and Rain by James Taylor, Jacob sound soils is writing his own original music. "I wrote my first song in middle school. My uncle had just passed and I was really wanted to write something to honor how great he was. I am pretty sure I ripped off an old Rascal Flatts melody." Jacob continued to hone in on his craft and then really found his voice in high school."I sold a CD in high school," Morris chuckled. For the record, he still has a couple copies.

Like any striving artist, Jacob would play at coffee shops, restaurants, pretty much anywhere that would let me play. Flash forward to now, and Morris finds himself smack dab in the middle of Nashville's music scene. After playing for nearly six years in Arizona, Jacob knew his goals could only get bigger in Music City. "I always want to be challenged wherever I am at," Jacob told us. "I feel knocked off my pedestal here in Nashville."

It is hard not to feel the pressure to be better in a town full of talent, however that isn't stopping Jacob. The indie artist is hustling from Music Row to Broadway! Between crazy requests by Nashville tourists and trying to standout amongst the noise, Jacob also slips in an original now and again.

Jaocb's latest single Look At You is almost seven years in the making. With guitar riffs reminiscent of early Keith Urban the song is a prime example of how Morris can take everyday themes and make them sound new and fresh again.

Taking this year to hone in on his live show and his songwriting, Jacob's goal is simple "I want to get out as much music as possible, and reach new fans that love it as much as I do."

Jacob's fresh sound, clever songwriting and hardcore hustle prove that he has what it takes to breakthrough.


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