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Country Tunesmith Ryan Larkins Steps Out From Behind The Music Row Curtain With Two New Solo Tracks

It is a big week for Music City native Ryan Larkin. Not only does his Cody Johnson cut The Painter come out today, but the tunesmith is also sharing his own country music POV in two new tracks Man That Holds The Beer and She’s the Tough One.

The two new tracks find a home on a project cleverly titled Meet Ryan Larkins. From the first whiskey soaked note, Man That Holds A Beer sets the tone for what Larkins is all about. Ryan's sharp twang unfolds a story that is quintessentially country. Through thoughtfully placed pedal steel, the track pays homage to the the feeling of ease you feel when you crack a cold one and finding contentment in the little things. A true songwriting masterclass, Ryan's innate ability to inject lyrics with personable edge is seldom found. Feverishly clever, the ode to beer is't over done, but fresh and fun.

She’s the Tough One and its ode to strong women everywhere only amplifies Ryan's Music City chops. Reminiscent of early George Strait, Larkins playfully confesses that he doesn't wear the pants in the relationship. Like a conversation with an old friend the track is approachable and endlessly applicable. A steady drum beat only amplifies Ryan's tender tone and that nothing short of country gold.

Not afraid to lean into the sounds and stories that he believes in, this modern era troubadour is one to watch out for.


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