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July Moon's EP is a Journey Through Heartbreak, Resilience, and Tradition

July Moon, the indie-folk trio known for their evocative storytelling and mesmerizing melodies, has graced the music scene once again with an EP that takes us on a rollercoaster of emotions. Comprising of six distinct songs, with three new releases "Hotel Heart," "Mama's Recipe," and "Whiskey Drinking Women," the EP explores themes of heartbreak, empowerment, and traditional small-town values. With their signature blend of folk, blues, and soul, July Moon invites listeners to reflect on life's complexities through their heartfelt lyrics and deep themes.

"Hotel Heart” encapsulates the feeling of heartbreak through the metaphor of checking out of a hotel. The song navigates the emotional turmoil of leaving a relationship and feeling emotionally detached. The lyrics, sung with raw emotion, illustrate the sensation of walking away from love as if checking out of a temporary residence. July Moon's intricate guitar work and harmonious vocals create a melancholic atmosphere that resonates with anyone who has experienced this heartbreak.

“But I don’t need another night

Buying your overpriced bucket of ice, cheap champagne

Taking elevator rides up and down

Walking by other girls dropping your name

Ain’t nobody goin’ livin’ lovin’ that way

I’m handing in that old key card

It was fun for a while not a permanent stay

I’m checking out of your hotel heart”

"Mama's Recipe" delves into the complex theme of generational patterns and the consequences of staying within the confines of tradition. The song tells the story of a woman who, like her previous generations, remains in her small hometown and becomes pregnant. By copying past mistakes, it’s implied the anti-hero will likely pass on this “recipe” to her children, repeating the cycle. July Moon's hauntingly beautiful melody and emotional storytelling invite listeners to contemplate the weight of family legacies and the struggles of breaking free from them.

“You take one cup of crazy and a heavy slash of bourbon

A lot of letdowns and a little bit of hurtin’

A pill to help you sleep and for the morning after

Toss in some trouble and some more when no ones lookin’

Blame it on everyone else and now we’re cookin’

Copy, paste, repeat

Ya that’s a mama’s recipe for disaster”

"Whiskey Drinking Women" takes a shift in tone and theme as a celebration of empowered strength. This song celebrates strong, independent women who enjoy a glass of whiskey. It is a tribute to resilient women who embrace their authenticity and are unapologetically themselves with people in their lives, specifically men. The lyrics emphasize that strong women are the best catch as they break free from societal expectations. With its bluesy undertones and catchy hooks, "Whiskey Drinking Women" reinforces the message of freedom and a good time.

“Something bout’ whiskey drinking women

Hard to love em,’ Can’t hate em,’ but your never gonna shake em’

That fire going straight to your head

You ain’t lovin’ one, you ain’t livin’

Cause all the beer drinking men would take a bullet to the chest for them

Whsiey drinking women”

"Working on this EP has been such a fun time. Going into the studio and seeing/hearing all the songs come to life was something we’ll never forget. There’s been so much excitement and eagerness to get this EP out and we’re so grateful it’s finally here for the whole world to learn a bit more of who July Moon is as a whole. We hope everyone loves each song as much as we do," the trio told All Country News.

July Moon's July Moon EP is a musical journey that dives into the multifaceted aspects of life, love, and tradition. Through the songs "Hotel Heart," "Whiskey Drinking Women," and "Mam's Recipe," the trio weaves a tapestry of emotions, exploring the depths of heartbreak, the challenges of breaking free from generational patterns, and the power of independence. With their unique blend of genres, July Moon continues to captivate their audience, leaving them with a sense of reflection and emotional resonance long after the music ends.


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