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JUST IN: Morgan Wallen Says Bye Bye To His Mullet "I Didn’t Like My Long Hair Anymore."

Morgan Wallen's signature mullet is no more.

Via Tiktok

Fans are waking up today to mixed reviews of the superstar's new look! Last night August 11th while playin at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio, Wallen took the stage in his signature style, but missing his mullet!

Fans were clearly shocked and Morgan soon addressed the elephant in the room."“Before we get any further, I didn’t like my long hair anymore so I shaved it off,” Wallen chuckled to his sold out crowd.

Fans flooded the Internet with their take on the hair scandal. "Morgan Wallen would shave his beautiful mullet the night before I get to see him whyyyyyy," one fan shared.

Signature mullet or not, Morgan continues to sell out stadiums and baseball fields on his One Night At A Time Tour that continues through 2024.


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