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Kelsey Lamb Embraces Her Inner Sad Girl With Her New EP "Happy Hour Sad"

Sometimes sad country songs make you feel better. Country songstress Kelsey Lamb would have to agree. Today the Songland alum dropped a full collection of heartbreak tunes perfect for any sad girl era.

The five track EP features previously released In Between Time, the song that challenges fans to question what they would do in a romantic lull in between lovers. Fan favorite Too Much History continues her anguish ridden narrative.

I think what I love the most about Too Much History is how collaborative the story is, and it just reminds me that we all go through breakups and we all go through the emotions of having to see our ex for the first time. In short, this song isn’t just one person's story," Kelsey previously told ACN.

The newest track that also happens to be the title track tells the empathetic anecdote of being at happy hour with your friend, yet feeling stuck on the past. Happy Hour Sad is clever, bright and unfiltered. Kelsey's unapologetic approach to this sad song is a relatable one and we are so here for it.

Kelsey's adept ability to dig down deep and write authentic stories is really a superpower. In a genre that themes can often become mundane, Lamb's rich tone and vivid storylines shine though, even if they are sad. Happy Hour Sad is a unique collection of sad songs for the hopeless romantic in all of us.


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