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Laura Bryna's Sassy New Single Jawbreaker Is The Perfect New Power Anthem

Pop - country powerhouse Laura Bryna isn't going to be second fiddle. Her latest single Jawbreaker is the perfect power anthem, sassy and a little bad assey.

From the jump the country songstress lays down the rules for her playboy suitor.

I missed your name but save it I'll be honest/'Cause you earned a reputation in this town. Between a twangy beat and a smooth tone, Laura sings about the painfully relatable situation we am sure we have all found ourselves in at some point.

Oozing with self confidence, Jawbreaker is a creative take on theme that can often get a tad mundane. Jawbreaker seems to have a double meaning, meaning that Laura won't be put in a box in any facet of her life. Ain't no breakin'/ me I'm a real tough one to crack sets up the catchy chorus driven by a southern guitar.

To accompany the sassy tune is an equally sassy music video. The Moulin Rouge meets Texas honky tonk vibe from the video perfectly matches and adds to the anthem she sings.

Stong, bold and brassy, Jawbreaker is a career maker for Laura. It's fun storyline and unique lyrics will take this songstress to new heights.


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