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Leah Marie Mason Boldly Sings Of Self Discovery In Poignant New Single "Black Sheep"

Country music is built on personal stories that allow listeners to step directly into and today Leah Marie Mason continues that tradition.

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The rising songstress is sharing her story and giving her fans a huge lyrical hug along the way. All to often the genre shies away rough tough subjects, yet that is often what we need to hear. Honing in on her own story and hoping to provide therapy and solace for others Black Sheep may be Mason's most important song yet.

"I came into the writers room with the title, " Leah Marie told All Country News. "I wanted to write a song about my experience in high school through college which still seems so fresh since I graduated last year. Everyone really loved the hook "I don't even fit in with the black sheep."

That bold step and commitment to honesty created a narrative than fans can cry with and relate too. From the tender first note the songstress pulls you in by naming off a plethora of high school extracurriculars. From theater to cheerleader, Mason struggles to find her tribe. Floating from clique to clique Leah Marie struggles to find where she belongs.

Mason's dreamy vocals backed by raw production speaks to the intricately she offers listeners while exploring self-discovery and belonging. Leah's vulnerable lyrics take us on an emotional journey for acceptance.

Black Sheep is an earnest reminder that we all struggle and Leah Marie's vulnerability is one to be admired. Overcoming mental health challenges during her high school years, including a 7 month leave from school after suffering from panic attacks, Black Sheep mirrors her ongoing struggle with the sense of not fitting in and reiterates the importance of taking care of your mental health.

"I always search for a song that has deeper meaning and that will connect with my fans and Black Sheep is that song for me."

Boldy stepping into her own and fearlessly leading the charge in offering songs that truly heal, Leah Marie Mason is leading the charge for artists who are not afraid to speak their truth.


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