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LISTEN: Megan Moroney Brings Out The Emo Cowgirl In Us All In Highly Anticipated New Single "No Caller ID"

Updated: Jan 22

The self-proclaimed emo cowgirl, has solidified herself as one of the most dynamic and relatable songwriters.

Photo Credit: CeCe Dawson

Let's get one thing straight, Megan Moroney is giving raw emotions a voice and doing it damn well. The Georgia native burst onto the scene thanks to her organic storylines and ethereal attitude. After teasing the painfully relatable track "No Caller ID" for months on social media, fans can finally cry along to the cinematic track.

Already a crowd singalong at her live show, the song co-wrote the song alongside Jessi Alexander, Connie Harrington, and Jessie Jo Dillon, packs an emotional gut punch. Narrating the all too familiar feeling of letting go of a relationship, and then feeling the grips of being pulled back thanks to the voice on the other side of that No Caller ID flashing across the phone.

Here you come again and there you go

No coincidence you always know

When Im moving on you move back inWith a half ass sorry how you been

Why do you do it, do you just hate losing

Here you come again, who could it be

Its 3am

No Caller ID

Relishing in the fact that she is done being pulled around by a noncommittal love, she finds her power and lets the phone ring. While staying steadfast to her love of real stories for real people, Megan once again adds a dash of depth to her already impressive discography.

Moroney's approachable style of lyricism evokes familiar emotion and opens the door for fans to connect. Using her own life as inspiration, Megan's ability to transform ordinary moments in life to create extraordinary stories for her fans to fall into is a rare superpower. Offering soils to not only her own mind but her fans, it really is no surprise that Moroney is leading the charge for female forward narratives on Music Row.


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