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LOOK: Breakout Country Singer Stephen Wilson Jr. Solidifies His Star Power At Sold Out Chicago Show

The Southern Indiana native managed to make his acoustic show an electric one through story and sound.

One of country music's most dynamic new talents, Stephen Wilson Jr. brought his blue collar sensibilities and musical genius to Schubas in Chicago to kick off his sold out acoustic tour. Though his first headlining tour was advertised as acoustic, it was more like an electric therapy session.

A little after 8:30pm, dawning his signature hat, Wilson Jr. took the stage to a roaring crowd. Opening the show with his high octane "Calico Creek", country music's mad scientist told the crowd that he wrote the song in a fever dream and was pretty happy about how it turned out. Taking time to interact with the room of 200 showcased not only his humble approach to his songs, but let fans inside a true musical mastermind. Paying homage to his late father and his roots, Stephen held the crowd in his hands as he continued with the cheeky song "Billy" and fan favorite "Cuckoo", both off his debut album søn of dad.

"These songs are real gifts to me," Wilson Jr. told the sold out room. "I write them when I need them the most, this song woke me up in the middle of the night. This one kinda freaked me out," he chuckled before playing the thought-provoking song "the devil."

Letting his whit, talent and humor shine through, Stephen walked fans through his thought process of dealing with the loss of his father in "Grief Is Only Love." Despite the song's serious undertones, the crowd's voices soared above Stephen's prompting the superstar to stop and take in the moment. "I’m not used to people singing back to me," he said with a smile. The crowd's singing only continued as Wilson Jr. strummed the first new notes of "patches," a song about embracing all your scars.

A true one-man band, the Midwesterner managed to have all 200 people in the palm of his hand and he told the heartfelt story of his final moments with his dad. "I had to say goodbye over an iPhone 8. He told me to write him a good song, and this one his for him," he said before breaking into the title track søn of dad.

The rest of the show was full of highs and lows, and Stephen truly brought fans on a musical odyssey. Showcasing not only his incredible range but his masterful guitar playing, he managed to make a sold out show feel intimate. Ending the second half of the show with other favorites like "kid," "hometown," and the high octane "Holler from the Holler," proves that Stephen belongs in stadiums.

Ending the show with the thought-provoking "The Beginning," Wilson Jr seemed to foreshadow his own musical fate. There is truly something to be said about witnessing an artist realize that all that hard work was worth it before your own eyes. A humble soul, Stephen Wilson Jr. proved once again that even in his live show his stories stick. An artist for the people, Wilson Jr.'s story is just beginning and will undoubtably continue to connect with generations of country fans. It won't be long until country music's mad scientist comes back to sell out stadiums.


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