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Ludlow Creek Premieres Video For Their Latest Introspective Track "Rock For A Heart."

The Dayton, Ohio-based Americana/roots rock band puts a visual to their latest song “Rock for a Heart," off their upcoming album.

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Full of vivid imagery and a painfully relatable message, Ludlow Creek's video for their song "Rock for a Heart," showcases the meaningful message. The guitar groove sets up the is a introspective track that speaks to the struggles of men growing up with hardened hearts. The song reflects on the need for men to have help in softening their hearts and finding emotional vulnerability.

The song was written during a band writing retreat in Nashville, where Ludlow Creek came together to collaborate on their music for the first time. The song was a true labor of love written collectively by all band members, while drummer and vocalist, Jeffrey Friend took on the task of writing the lyrics. As the band worked on the arrangement, guitarist and vocalist Dave Benson came up with the memorable bridge, “chipped away the stone,” completing the magic of the song.

Through humble lyrics and a meaningful message, the band truly shines thanks to digging deep and telling stories that matter.

Fans can expect more powerful and thought-provoking tracks from Ludlow Creek’s new album, set to release in early 2024.

For more information on Ludlow Creek and their upcoming single and album release, visit their website at


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