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Miranda Lambert Chats New Track with Apple Music "It's Time I Figure Out What Is Next Musically"

Miranda Lambert's rendition of "Driving Back There In My Mind" has been announced as the latest addition to Apple Music's Lost & Found program. This initiative showcases unreleased tracks written by renowned Nashville songwriters and reimagined by contemporary artists in Spatial Audio.

Via Miranda's Facebook

Lambert's choice to record this song, originally penned by The Love Junkies (Lori McKenna, Hillary Lindsey, and Liz Rose), was a natural one given her long history of collaboration with the trio. She praised their songwriting prowess, stating, "The Love Junkies, number one, because individually, Liz [Rose], Lori [McKenna], and Hillary [Lindsey] are some of my favorite writers."

Regarding the selection process for The Love Junkies' song, Lambert explained how she group-texted them, aiming to deeply explore their catalog. The chosen track, "Driving Back There In My Mind," was discovered in Hillary Lindsey's phone and resonated with Lambert's affinity for old-school country music.

The Lost & Found program features the original demo of the song, recorded as a Voice Memo on an iPhone by The Love Junkies. This raw and authentic worktape was pitched exactly as recorded, without any studio enhancements.

Lambert shared with Apple Music, “There's so many gems laying around Nashville that have never made their way into their light yet, and I love that this project is shedding light on those songs. And with my career if I hadn't picked outside songs, I wouldn't have some of the biggest hits of my career.” She continued, “So I think it's so important for artists that are writers to really remember you don't have to write everything that you cut. A lot of your friends in this town are pouring their hearts out every single day to make the best songs available to us, and they are right there. We just got to go find them.”

Liz Rose, a member of The Love Junkies, expressed admiration for how Lambert transformed the song, capturing its essence and envisioning its visual storytelling potential. Lambert herself emphasized the program's significance, urging artists to uncover hidden musical treasures, a sentiment she connected to her own experience with "House That Built Me."

Apple Music's interview with Miranda Lambert delves into her selection of "Driving Back There In My Mind," her fruitful collaboration with The Love Junkies, and the broader significance of uncovering and sharing unreleased songs in the music industry. Miranda Lambert's enthusiasm for this new lyrical process shows how artists and writers can transform country music.


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