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PREMIERE: Brian Falduto Puts His Own Spin On The Dolly Parton Classic "Why'd You Come in Here Lookin' Like That."

The emerging artist breathes his own style into an iconic track.

Photo Provided By Artist

Today celebrated LGBTQ+ artist, Brian Falduto pays homage to one of his favorite country music legends. Adding in his own signature flair, Falduto takes on Dolly Parton's "Why'd You Come in Here Lookin' Like That" with creative ease.

Premiering today with All Country News, Brian's cover adds a playful new edge to the beloved song. From the first few notes, Falduto brings you in and invites listeners to join in the zestfulness of the song. Staying true to the fun loving sass of the original track, Brain weaves in his own style why still answering the question of why did his old flame have to walk in looking just like that.

"One of my favorite things to do as an artist is cover songs; it's a great opportunity to put some familiar music in a setlist while showcasing my influences and letting people know a little more about the music that resonates with me," Brian said of the cover.

"Deciding on a song to release as a cover was a tough choice, but this Dolly Parton tune felt like it fit my current project best. Much like my other music, it's fun in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way but also earnest at the same time. Plus, it has great energy and is great to sing along to! I'm excited for everyone to hear my spin on this country classic."

Taking on a classic can be daunting, yet Brian does it with such confidence. Conveying the same emotions that Dolly did all those years go, Falduto does the queen of country proud.


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