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Richard Lynch Soars with Inspirational Christian Country Video For 'High Above the Midnight Sky'

Country music artist Richard Lynch is back with a new video for his uplifting track “High Above the Midnight Sky,” the follow-up to his #1 Cashbox Magazine Christian Country hit, “Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed.”

Lynch, who has been a mainstay in the country music scene for over 40 years, is known for his authentic and traditional sound. With “High Above the Midnight Sky,” he continues to showcase his talent for storytelling and heartfelt lyrics, supported by his signature soulful vocals. Co-written by Lynch and James Erb, the song is a beautiful tribute to the hope and joy found in the heavenly paradise above.

The song opens with the stunning imagery of stars appearing as “candle lights,” ushering in a sense of peace and wonder. Lynch’s vocals are accompanied by gentle acoustic guitar, creating a serene atmosphere that carries throughout the song. He sings of a heavenly paradise where prayers are heard, and angels sing, reminding listeners of the power of faith and the promise of eternal life.

“High Above the Midnight Sky” is a testament to Lynch’s faith and his dedication to spreading hope and love through his music. With each chord and every word, he expresses his gratitude to God and his fans for the opportunity to share his gift.

Produced by Lynch and recorded with the multi-platinum Beaird Music Group in Nashville, “High Above the Midnight Sky” is another example of his commitment to creating timeless and heartfelt country music.



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