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Runaway June Kicks Off The Year With A Fun Filled New EP, " Smoke, Wine & Whiskey"

The powerhouse trio brings showcases their top tier harmonies on new three track EP.

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Full of heart and a healthy dose of southern sass, powerhouse trio Runaway June is kicking off 2023 with a heart stopping new EP! The three song project showcases their free spirited creativity and a strong female POV. From first to last note, Smoke, Wine & Whiskey spotlights each voice, while celebrating what it means to be a woman. 

Feverishly creative, the high octane "Make Me Wanna Smoke" is a career making track for the trio. The zestful story narrates the push and pull that we experience when we know our love interest may be our demise. Written by Jason Sellers, Ella Langley and Bobby Hamrick, showcases what a bad habit can do to our heart. The internal conflict is brought to life by their trio's larger than life harmonies and zestful production. 

You make me wanna smoke, you make me wanna quit

You make me wanna drink 'til I'm sick of it

You me wanna hide away my heart

You make me wanna let you take it way too far

'Cause lovin' somethin' bad for me is all that I know

Probably just pushin' my luck, uh

But there you go lightin' me up

You wanna make me wanna smoke

You make me wanna, make me wanna smoke

"'Make Me Wanna Smoke' has immediately become our favorite song to play live," Runaway June shares. "It's slinky and fun and such an empowering way to embrace the back-and-forth nature of a relationship that may not be the best for you. We're so excited to share this one!"

Full of fiddle and a dash of sass, the tongue in cheek "Fine Wine" page homage to the spirited tracks of 90s country. While dealing with heartache thanks to a bottle is a staple in the genre, the fun twist is the perfect modern take on a timeless tradition. Trying not to give in to the bottle on the win, the ladies finally decide that a headache in the morning is better than a heartache. 

Full of radiant charisma that fully commands the spotlight, "Miss Me" is a haunting declaration of what may happen if love goes sour. With a healthy dose of revenge, the trio warns their love interest want may happen if he decides to leave. Full of confidence, the girls know they are a diamond regardless of the outcome.

"‘Smoke, Wine & Whiskey’ is all about leaning into vices to get over heartbreak,” shares the trio of the project. “But we are not taking ourselves too seriously with these songs. Even though they are all about heartbreak, they all have their own kind of power and playfulness. Whether it’s with a glass of wine or telling ourselves ‘he’s gonna miss me,’ heartbreak doesn’t have to be all about the tears.”

With the new configuration of Jennifer Wayne, Natalie Stovall and Stevie Woodward the ladies showcase what is most powerful about having female POV in the genre. When the three musicians sing together, their crystalline harmonies create an impact well beyond the sum of its parts and instantly stir up a whole world of feeling: sweet relief from heartache, escape from the everyday chaos, unabashed freedom to shake off your inhibitions. If this type of power is what is to come from the trio, we are waiting!


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