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Stephen Wilson Jr. Finds The Beauty In Our Flaws In Latest Single “patches”

Country music should be therapeutic. With that said, we have the song for you!

Credit: Tim Cofield

Today, the Southern Indiana-born, Nashville-based artist Stephen Wilson Jr. released new single patches from his upcoming debut double album søn of dad, out September 15 via Big Loud Records

Oozing with blue collar sensibility, patches is an anthem for all of us who have felt the woes of this world. Yet, Stephen's story helps us heal and find hope in the fact that scars tribute to a life lived to the fullest. The tender story is backed by a sonically playful beat and lists off all the places we can find holes in our everyday lives. Pride, grief and reflection dance through the lyrics and Stephen wrestles with the idea that having scars on your scars can be a good thing. Underscored by melancholic slide guitars, and Wilson Jr.'s craveable tone patches serves as the ultimate love letter to your flaws.

“My scars got scars. Graffiti on graffiti on graffiti. ‘patches’ is a playful song with a serious message. A life lived not avoided. øne packaged with consequences and fibrosis. A built-in collagen-based repair system showing the world the road map to where we’ve been. Wearing scars we’ve earned like we’ve earned ‘em," Wilson reflected in a press release.

All to often stories of the common fan are deafened in the genre. Yet through vivid storytelling and his innate ability to tap in to the feelings of the everyday person, patches may be the most important song of the year. His original spirit is infectious, uplifting and needed in a time that or holes can sometimes become too much.

The midwesterner's poignant view of the world around him makes him one of the most dynamic risers this year making patches one of the best songs of 2023.


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