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All Country News Premiere Rising Trio July Moon Snaps Back At Lovers In "You Think You Know Someone"

It can be said that three voices can be better than one, and damn does rising female trio July Moon meet the mark.

Today the talented trio releases their clever and upbeat clapback at their exes with You Think You Know Someone. A little girl power can go along away and damn do these girls deliver on that promise. The trio made up of some of the best kept voices in town, Braelyn Watt, Piper Batemen and Cassidy Daniels.

Created from the relatable frustration of a lover gone cold, the upbeat melodic driven tune was born.

“I went into a write fresh out of a bad breakup and I was PISSED, to say the least, about how things went down. I ended up just straight-up ranting to Scott (Stepakoff) and Clara (Calaway), and lord they were probably a little bit scared. All of a sudden the line 'out of the blue everything about you started changing like the colors on a mood ring' fell out of someone’s mouth, and it was all over by then," Cassidy tells All Country News.

The trios ability to capture the essence of a woman scorned yet do it in such a delicate and wistful way makes these ladies ones to watch.

“We like to joke and say that July Moon specializes in what we like to call ‘Anger Bangers.’ We want this song to be an anthem for people who feel like they got ‘emotionally catfished’ in a relationship—you know, the type of song that you cry/scream to on your revenge night out," the trio laughs.

Pulling from real life turmoil and thrusting the raw feeling into such an upbeat track almost makes fans forget that this song is a slap in the face to that emotional catfish. Each member's voice shines and allows this melodic puzzle to fit together perfectly. July's Moon's fresh perspective and whimsical storytelling make You Think You Know Someone not only a stepping stone in their career's but a song that will define them!


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