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Laine Lonero Shares A Different Side Of Heartache In "Broke"

Laine Lonero was ready to heal, but in more ways than one.

Courtesy of Adkins Publicity

The pop-country riser's new single Broke offers listeners a different spin on what heartache can look like in 2023! Penned by Lonero and good friend Amanda Cooksey, Laine sends out a sititaionship PSA to her listeners.

"I first played the song for my mom," the Lousiana native told All Country News. "I run all my ideas by her first." The young powerhouse was searching for a way to process her own love life and in turn the clever single was born. "Most of my music reflects my side of the heartbreak. It was a message to those who broke my heart that they need to do some self reflection before getting back out there. It almost has a double meaning a way to heal or a warning for those who need to heal before they move on, it's almost like karma."

Laine's vocals offer a new sound in pop country scene, a little twang with a touch of sultry grit. Backed by a steady drum beat and soft guitar, Laine's waning "If you want a real thing, quit playing with heartstrings," is loud and clear.

The Belmont songwriting student is no stranger to using music to heal. Laine also opened up about her Tourette’s diagnosis and how music plays a part in helping her symptoms. "If I am stressed and anxious that is when it tends to show up," she told us. "Being able to deal with my anxiety by writing my feelings down as helped to keep my symptoms handled, even if it is for just the moment."

Finding strength in her songs, it is hard to call this rising star anything close to Broke. Full of fresh perspective and heart Laine Lonero's raw and personal approach to country music is needed on the scene today! Her best advice, "don't settle for less in anything you do."


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