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WATCH: HARDY Shares His Family's Reaction To His Live Performance of "A ROCK"

Even as HARDY's career is on the rise, he's not going to forget where he came from anytime soon. His connection to his mom and grandma keep him grounded, and it's so heartwarming to see!

One of his earliest and most underrated hits "A ROCK," also the title track of his 2020 breakthrough album, emotionally describes his journey from childhood to stardom. The song contains personal yet universal lyrics like "When your mom and dad are ten feet tall / You got a superhero poster on your wall / Don't know the world's full of greed and lust / You just slide into third and ride the school bus."

Fans can already relate to the emotional song in several meaningful ways, and HARDY only takes this a step further when performing it live - he displays home videos on the stage's screens, featuring him playing with his mom and grandma as a young child. Of course, HARDY's family are his biggest supporters, and they had the most priceless reaction to these sweet visuals.

We hope this TikTok made your day as much as it made ours! Behind the star's tough rock-and-roll exterior truly is a huge heart. HARDY and his family are lucky to have each other!


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